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My name is Pauliina Karlsson Heiskanen and I’m a
Gameplay Programmer currently looking for a job.

I'm a happy person who always brings a positive attitude.
I'm driven and curious, and I have a genuine interest in understanding how things work.

My biggest passion lies with gameplay programming.
I really enjoy debugging, as well as adding features
into a game. To work iteratively and see it being shaped into something functional, from start to finish, is something I find very exciting.

I studied game programming at The Game Assembly and did my internship for eight months at Tarsier Studios.

After my internship I worked at Tarsier as a Junior Gameplay Programmer for six months, but due to lack of funding they had to let me go after that, so I took that as an opportunity to pursue one of my other passions, linguistics and languages, and studied that for a few months at Lund's university, but now want to get back to making games.