Student projects
ValkyrieJam I participated in Valkyrie Jam 2019, which is a 10-day game jam in northern
Sweden where women and non-binary folks get together to make games together.

I'm so grateful for having gotten the opportunity to join this game jam. It was such an amazing experience, living in a cabin in the north of Sweden, making games with women and non-binary folks from the games industry from all over the world.

VJ19_me I was on team Wolverine, where I was one out of two programmers. When our team brainstormed and discussed what we wanted to make during the first days of the game jam we all shared the same idea of wanting to make something calm and relaxing, without penalties, timers, scores or death. A game where you simply go to relax and unwind and have your own little space. We wanted to draw some inspiration from where we are located during the jam, in the north of Sweden, filled with lush forests. So we made the game Fyri.

We worked in Unreal Engine 4 and the game was made in 10 days. Apart from programming I also did some narrative and a bit of art (particles, journal pages), as well as brainstorming and planning the project (together with all other team members).

'In Fyri you arrive in a sacred realm floating between fantasy and reality, ancient journal in hand. Explore the land and record magical flora and fauna that you will uncover using helpful notes from Valkyries of the past. You just might discover something truly mythical...'

Fyri is a gardening and collection-based game inspired by Norse mythology that was designed to encourage relaxation and enjoyment of a special space created by the player.

You can play Fyri here!
Watch the making of Fyri from day 1 to day 10!
I learned so much during the game jam and I had so much fun making this game together with my amazing team, team Wolverine! Clotilde Moussier did the amazing art, Mai Koythong and Karen Soh did design, narrative and some gameplay implementation, Anne McLaughlin and I worked on the gameplay systems and Masha Lepire made the beautiful music and sfx!

I'm so proud of us, that we were able to make such a polished game in only 10 days. We made a really beautiful game and it was so much fun to make!

VJ19_1 VJ19_2 VJ19_3
Looking for inspiration. The gang! Play testing!