Student projects
I worked as a Junior Gameplay Programmer on Little Nightmares II at Tarsier Studios where my main responsibility was the player.
'Little Nightmares 2 is a distorted place that lives somewhere between dreams and reality, where children watch in horror at the world that awaits them. Join brand new protagonist Mono, and your favourite anti-hero Six, as they fight, sneak and puzzle their way through this never before seen part of the Little Nightmares universe.'

I started out as an intern for eight months where I mostly worked on the player (pickups, inventory, climbing, locomotion) but also got the chance to create bigger systems for streaming. After that I worked as a junior gameplay programmer on the player team. The transition between intern and junior wasn smooth because I was already tasked as a junior and was since day one always given a lot of responsibility and felt like I was a part of the programming team just the same as everyone else.

I got to work on several different parts of the code to learn how to work in different systems and with different people. I worked closely together with animators, designers and QA every day, and was also mentored a lot by my leads and fellow programmers to make sure my coding always improved. I planned, created and tracked tasks myself as well as was a part of the player meetings. There I would come with ideas and solutions as well as estimates and give updates on the current state of the player. I also started up and was the programmer in charge of a combat taskforce. After a few months at Tarsier I was the programmer in charge of pickups, inventory and combat.

During my time at Tarsier I grew a lot as a programmer and gained more confidence in my ability to code and solve problems. I learned so much from my programmer leads and seniors; about C++ techniques and patterns, coding standards and the ins and outs of Unreal Engine 4. I also becamore more efficient in planning, creating and tracking tasks by myself, how to better communicate across disciplines and work together efficiently. Through working together with an animator everyday I gained a lot of insight about the animation-code pipeline and how to work with artists more efficiently. Working closely together with QA improved my workflow a lot when it comes to debugging and bug fixing. Sitting in on all player meetings gave me a lot of insight on how to estimate and give updates on the current state of the game, learning how to know what is needed and when, as well as getting better at voicing my opinions and coming with ideas and solutions.